Through the years, the focus of the Center has expanded to accommodate over 36,000 Veterans in our region who are eligible for care. We provide a continuum of care to Veterans, their families, from the very basic food and shelter needs to advocacy, information, referral, career, and education services.

 Housing Program & Services:

For information on our housing programs and services, please visit our housing page on this site by using the navigation menu.

Our counseling services include personal, family and group counseling related to Veterans issues as well as crisis intervention. The Center also offers community based Reach Out programs. Each program is designed to offer information and support to different groups with an emphasis on community connections and relationship building. These Reach Out Programs are listed below.

Vietnam Veterans Peer Support Group:

For more than 20 years this group has helped Veterans in our community. Participation is by referral only. Please contact the Outreach Center for more information.

Vet/Spouse Reach Out:

The Vet/Spouse Reach Out Program offers spouses and family members of Veterans the opportunity t share their experiences, gain support and get information within the individual or group settings. To get more information about available services, spouses and family members are encouraged to call the Center at (978) 372-3626.

Vet/Senior Reach Out:

This service is targeted to aging Veterans who are living in senior housing programs or unable to integrate in the community. Often, these Veterans are unaware of their eligibility for benefits and services and are in need of information.

VetDay Activity Center:

Established in January 2001, this day program is among the most unique of all VNOC programs. The program provides a structured environment where disabled Veterans can participate in recreational activities, work training, group support and other activities that are both satisfying and challenging. This program is funded, in part, through the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

Health Care, Advocacy and Legal Assistance

We offer information, referrals and registration assistance to ensure Vets and their families receive proper health care. Also, our Advocacy for Veterans program includes information and assistance with benefits, discharge upgrades, legal issues, disability and compensation claims, and military records. For more information, please call the Center at 978-372-3626

Continuing Education & Job Search

We offer information and referrals for Vets who would like to continue their education or pursue advanced degrees. We also offer employment services, including job training, resume preparation, career assistance and job placement services to area Vets. For additional information, please call Jason Gilbert with the Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP) at 978-476-9144 to schedule an appointment.

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